ESMO supports the integration of eID Digital Service Infrastructure in existing eservices/ systems/online platforms from universities in Spain, Norway, and Greece.

It will do so by supporting the use of nationally issued eID for students' authentication across borders in these three Member States and by promoting the uptake and use of the eID DSI amongst entities in the academic sector.

ESMO will support the integration and broader uptake of the eID DSI in existing eservice/ system/online platforms in higher education institutions (e.g. such as universities) to facilitate the mobility of students in the European Union. It envisages two types of use cases scenarios for this:

  1. Cross-border basic authentication to the academic student mobility services offered in each of the participating universities and 
  2. Transfer of simple academic attributes using, whenever possible, the sector specific part in eIDAS where domain specific attributes can be exchanged seamlessly or alternatively if not available over the ESMO HUB network.