Thursday, October 18, 2018

ESMO will be presented at the next Erasmus Going Digital Conference ( that will be held in Barcelona next 18th of October 2018.

ESMO aims to contribute to the students mobility promoting the interoperable use of and  uptake of CEF eID in the Higher Education sector and facilitating the technical interoperability between eIDAS and eduGAIN, the network which interconnects research and education identity federations. 

It will enable cross-border electronic identification and authentication in High Education Institutes (HEIs) in Spain, Norway, and Greece through the  eIDAS network, and further support the exchange of simple Domain Specific Attributes such as the affiliation with the university of origin and the name of university of origin.

The ESMO representative at the conference will be the Jaume I University researcher Francisco Aragó, technical coordinator of the project, who will give an overview about the main objectives and potential applications of ESMO, as well as its technical approach.