Universitat Jaume I (Valencia)

From May 20th to May 24th, Universitat Jaume I of Castellón, celebrated the second edition of the European Staff Week. An event co-founded by the Erasmus+ programme, it is aimed at bringing together the administrative staff from different universities across Europe, to share professional experiences and methodologies, as well as getting to know the local culture and customs and build closer relationships between institutions.

ESMO project, now immerse on the production testing phase with real potential users, wanted to take this opportunity to widen the scope of the availabe user base. Thanks to the support of the International Relations Office at the university, the needs of the project were analysed and two slots were inserted in the already dense agenda of the event. This resulted in a short briefing abut the project, its goals and benefits for the academic institutions, which was completed with a presentation being sent after that, for the consideration of the attendants, who on the last day were invited to sacrifice a part of their lunch to volunteer as testers.

A computer lab at the Post-graduate school building was enabled for the occasion. Volunteers were provided with detailed guides on the services to be tested, while being monitored by the project personnel. Very useful data was gathered on the session, including the observations of the overseers and a small survey passed to the testers at the end. Attendants were thanked for their contribution and also the international relationships office, for the successful and fruitful synergies built.