Activity 1. Project Coordination

This activity will provide the necessary coordination and cooperation framework for the beneficiaries to ensure the smooth operation of the action in terms of day-to-day management and interfacing with INEA. All beneficiaries will contribute to this activity and, at the level of the respective activities, implement quality procedures and manage risks and mitigation actions.

Activity 2. Cross-border mechanisms and planning of integration and testing

This activity will: provide a complete technical design for partner academic eServices interconnected with eIDAS infrastructure; specification of academic domain specific attribute schema based on eduGAIN defacto standards; develop & Integrate a HUB for attribute exchange and governance of connectivity in the national academic sector; produce a methodology and framework for testing the functionality of the eIDAS infrastructure; and support common integration and test activities.

Activity 3. Customization of Greek University Services, Integration with eIDAS Infrastructure and with academic attributes exchange service across borders with other universities

This activity will perform the necessary customisations of the participating Greek university services to be able to use cross-border eIDs for allowing foreign citizens to access their services using their national eIDs. The activity also includes the integration towards the HUB from the SPs and from the HUB towards the domain specific eIDAS interface for eID authentication, as well as HUB-to-HUB configuration to other participating MSs. Additionally the HEI Attribute Providers will need to be updated and integrated with the MS HUB so that Greek citizens HEI attributes can be queried by other MSs through the HUB network.

Activity 4. Customization of Norwegian University Services, integration with the eIDAS infrastructure, and with the cross-border academic attributes exchange

This activity will connect UNIT´s student admission and student information systems with the Norwegian eIDAS node via the HUB as per similar integration performed in Activity 3, and thus delivering their services in a production environment, where applicants and students can register and access the services. The outcomes of activity 2 will be deployed and customised in order to achieve actual interoperability with the information systems of the other HEIs participating in the action. Specifically, interoperability for authentication and academic attribute transport will be achieved with the HEIs' attribute providers through the deployment and connection to a sectorial multi-protocol HUB able to interoperate with the Norwegian eIDAS node.

Activity 5. Customization of Spanish University Services, integration with the eIDAS infrastructure, and with the cross-border academic attributes exchange service

This activity, similar to Activity 3 and 4, will customise UJI's academic support services for integration with the HUB node developed in Activity 2 and performing the country specific integration towards the Spanish eIDAS node (operated by Spanish Ministry of the Finance and Public Function), thus being able to deliver the university services to foreign students as well as national students. The activity will also closely collaborate on the development of reusable elements in Activity 2 and in the design of interoperability tests in Activity 7.

Activity 6. Testing of cross-border authentication and access to Greek, Norwegian, Spanish University electronic Services

This Activity aims at designing and implementing a semi-automated-manual testing for periodically validating the functionality of the provided cross-border eIDAS-based authentication and attribute collection services of the action. The automated part of the tests will cover the pre-production environment by using test credentials. The manual part of the tests includes the use of the services in production with production credentials from groups of real test-users and the collection of the feedback they provide regarding both the functionality of the services developed in this project and their adaptability to user's expectations, attitudes and behaviours.

Activity 7. Maximizing the eIDAS-eID uptake in European Higher Education Area (EHEA), sustainability and road mapping  

This activity will assess the necessary steps from a legal, semantic, technical, business strategy and policy perspective to maximize the adoption of cross-border identification and authentication services by the EHEA, aiming to produce results extensible to other sectors. The action will start from the domain covered by the action and will extend the analysis in the context of CEF Telecom, the EU eGovernment Action Plan 2016-2020, activities in the ISA2 Work Programme related e.g. to semantic interoperability and key activities by the higher education sector and other public sector institutions and private sector companies offering services to academic institutions.