ESMO - FINAL Workshop

Monday, June 3, 2019
Prinsens Gate 4 A, Trondheim, Norway

On June 3rd 2019 will be held the FINAL Workshop.

We will present the achievements of the ESMO project. This includes technical results, project pilots and related business model proposals. In addition, we outline ESMO roadmap with the plans for the future maintenance, as well as gradual adoption and use of the ESMO Gateway, with an aim to involve the ICT academic community in these plans.

Date: Monday, 03.06.2019

Time: 16.00-19.00 CEST 

Location: Prinsens Gate 4 A, Trondheim, Norway


  • 16:00 h Welcome and project overview - Geir Magne Vangen
  • 16:15 h ESMO Gateway: a Technical Approach - Francisco Aragó
  • 16:45 h ESMO support infrastructure - Ross Little
  • 17:15 h Round of questions
  • 17:30 h Academic Sector Services and ESMO: Outcomes and Potentials - Petros Kavassalis
  • 18:00 h ESMO Sustainability in the Higher Education Domain - Ross Little, Aljosa Pasic
  • 18:30 h ESMO Sustainability Beyond Education - Aljosa Pasic, Francisco Aragó
  • 18:45 h Round of questions
  • 19:00 h End of the workshop [Dinner]

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