ESMO - FINAL Workshop

Prinsens Gate 4 A, Trondheim, Norway

On June 3rd 2019 will be held the FINAL Workshop.

We will present the achievements of the ESMO project. This includes technical results, project pilots and related business model proposals. In addition, we outline ESMO roadmap with the plans for the future maintenance, as well as gradual adoption and use of the ESMO Gateway, with an aim to involve the ICT academic community in these plans.

ESMO at the EUNIS Student Mobility Task Force

ESMO is participating on the EUNIS Student Mobility Task Force, where different Higher Education stakeholders are working on raising the opportunities that initiatives on the field of student mobility can suppose to the academic community. EUNIS is thus working on identifying the needs of the different stakeholders and shaping the best way initiatives can be presented to meet them.

European Student Initiative Workshop

ESMO has been once more present in the 4th Taking forward the Europan Student Card initiative workshop, organised in Luxemburg the past January15th by the DG-CNECT of the European Comission. As usual, intense discussions have taken place, in an effort to identify the needs and to establish a roadmap on the goal of building a single student identity, and facilitating the mobility through the trusted data transfer.

ESMO at ICT in Vienna, 2018


#ICT2018 came back this year from 4th to 6th of December (2018). Gathering over 500 attendees from the ICT digital constituency. This event focused on the future of digital in Europe and discuss the Digital Europe Program #DEP for the next years of European Union Budget, #EUBudget.

Our team have been showcasing at #ICT2018 where we try to increase awareness of the solutions being developed in terms of interoperability and trust.

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ESMO Meeting in Greece!


ESMO partners met at Rhodes (a wonderful island in Greece) last November, 2018. There, the team discussed about advances, methodologies and integration of ESMO in its domain.

ESMO seeks the interoperability and trust network where students all across Europe can enjoy travelling while studying abroad!

These issues matter for ESMO Team, if you feel interested in this innovative project...

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ESMO at WebSummit 2018

Pavilhão Atlântico, Lisboa

ESMO has been present in this year's WebSummit 2018, held in Lisbon. Attendees to this important internet technologies conference have been able to learn about the goals and expected benefits of the project, contributing thus in raising the interest among the potential stakeholders.

Uploaded ESMO Webinar for Technical Experts

Webinar online

Last October 19th 2018 it was held a webinar addressed to technical experts, and any person interested on learning more about the benefits of ESMO project.

ESMO on the Third "Taking forward the EU Student Card initiative" Workshop

Brussels, Belgium

As on the previous meetings, ESMO has actively participated and contributed on the discussions aimed at producing a common roadmap for all the EC financed initiatives related with the Higher Education sector.

The goals were to define a common set of guidelines and milestones to ensure the outcomes of all the participating projects fit in the future scenario of higher education mobility and service offering, and are aligned with the top level principles of Once-only, trust and interoperability.

ESMO will be presented at next EUF Erasmus Going Digital conference


ESMO will be presented at the next Erasmus Going Digital Conference ( that will be held in Barcelona next 18th of October 2018.

Upcoming ESMO seminar for technical experts

Webinar online

On October 19th 2018 it will be held a webinar addressed to technical experts, and any person interested on learning more about the benefits of ESMO project. This webinar will give an overall view of the project since the technical point of view.